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How to Let Go and Feel the Freedom

Welcome to our personal blogs about life we will talk about how to detach to the person the gives distress in us. Sometimes attachment to someone that creates stress in your life is not good for your physical. As well as, emotional, and mental health. There are people who only talk about their own struggles and problem around them. They only focus on themselves and not interest in other people. In that case, it makes you tiring and exhausting to be around such people. They can be your coworkers, neighbors, and friends or family. Sometimes they can create distress and anxiety that makes you feel exhausted. If it is possible to keep a distance from them.


As a result, to let go of those people may allow yourself from extract your energy for the day.


  • If you are with them just imagine how you would feel if you can stay calm. As well as poise and not affected by the stress they causing you.


  • Plan away on what you can do to avoid them. By staying away from them, not listening to their words or you can change the conversation.


  • If you are in a stressful situation, take a few deep breaths, and if possible, drink a glass of water.


  • You may change your strategy from thinking about something pleasant and funny. So you alter your attention from what you are hearing.


These are just a few ways to get rid of the cause of your stress from the people around you. Sometimes there are people that we can straight say to them that they are annoying and making other people stress. This some blogs about life experience that we share to you through simple but it may help you. Hence, if you have some story about life that can give encouragement. And an inspiration for others you can send it to us.

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